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Execution - Dan Allen
Dan Allen Execution
Mission II Ranking 
as of: January 12, 2012 4:40 PM
Vermont State Government Worker Basics   400
It Is All About Money   389
Republican, Conservative Dogma on Taxes   379
Wall Street Stealing from Customers   366
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)   346
About Honest Vermont   341
Spark Plug Update   339
Food for Thought   329
Collecting and Monitoring Reader Data   317
Afghanistan October 30, 2010   311
How Honest is Vermont?   300
Christmas is not about the money   290
Vermont Yankee Might be Saved by Brian Dubie   290
American Presidents All Are Lame Now   290
Montpelier Realtor
Stan Drew

Has successfully closed more than 550 transactions, totalling more than $56 million in sales. Past President, Central Vermont Chamber of Commerce 1992. Specializing in Greater Barre-Montpelier Area. Credentials: GRI, CRS, CRB, CBR
By www.loripinard. century21jackassociates.com


We are going to know a new freedom and a new happiness.
By Alcoholics Anonymous

This Too Shall Pass

Deep Brain

By Dan Allen

$35 Billion Profit in Three Months

"...allowing the global energy industry to operate at the forefront of energy development."
By John Watson, Chevron CEO



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